Development Area Citizens Council

Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Gets information and technical assistance from the DDA regarding the development plan before any final decisions are made and that continues throughout plan implementation.
  • Advises the DDA and Village Council on development plans.
  • Can hold public meetings with notice published in the Manchester Enterprise at least 5 days before the meetings. Persons present must have reasonable opportunity to be heard. Meetings minutes must be recorded and maintained.
  • Not organizing or consulting with the DDA does not preclude development plan adoption.
  • Shall notify the Village Council of its findings and recommendations within 20 days.
  • May be dissolved on petition of 20% of the adult resident population of the development area.

Appointed Citizens Council Members:

  • Ed Barnard
  • Arianne Chartrand
  • Larry Fairbanks
  • Bill Farmer
  • Kris Kensler
  • Gary Kwiatek
  • Tom Rose
  • Chris Stein